Line Capital Vn customers can be pension funds, private business funds or funds from wealthy individuals. They all have different profit goals but make sure the kingfisher’s customers have the same characteristics, that the funds are legal.

Line Capital Vn customers can be either seller or buyer. They have clear goals for each of the different M&A deals.In M&A transactions, sellers are the founders of successful business companies and now they plan to settle down with their families in the United States, Canada and Australia… Therefore, they seek opportunities for partial or full divestment.

 We make a strict seller selection for M&A deals. The selected seller must display criteria such as:

  • Competitive position with ability to maintain or expand margins.
  • Strong, committed management teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce excess cash flow.
  • Manageable customer concentration.
  • Effective Business Strategy.
  • Management reporting system.