Line Capital Vn approach buyer & seller according to the process to identify and select suitable investment partners. We use both qualitative and quantitative analysis to understand in detail each potential partner. We always focus on the feasibility of the offering strategy to ensure a successful M&A deal.

In addition, Line Capital Vn knows all the firms in each industry in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, so it is easy to satisfy the requirements of the buyer or seller.

In order to provide our clients with the highest level of consulting services, we only accept a limited number of M&A and capital raising deals each year and we will not represent competitive strategies.

Line Capital Vn is an independent ownership partner. We listen to our customers and always do a thorough survey of relevant information before deciding to make a deal that the client offers, which greatly contributes to the success of the customer and us, leading to a very stable business structure between the two sides.

 Our focus is on facilitating the introduction of seller & buyer, establishing meaningful relationships between Seller & Buye and our commitment to the deal, resulting in our unique position. good to keep doing in the future.

Line Capital Vn differentiates itself from competitors by ensuring that only consultation fees are charged when the deal is completed and this has been proven.